What to do, what to do..

Hey guys,

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!( i know i’m late but..) Since it is the beginning of a new year, i decided to spice up my study routine a bit as well as my study desk ( i needed a change). So being the kind person that I am, I have decided to share a few tips with you.

Firstly, I made and designed a vision board. A vision board is usually there to remind you about your set goals. If you are wondering what a vision board is, it is just a board usually made of cardboard where you write down your milestones,  goals,  hobbies, attitudes you want to aquire and behaviors you want to improve upon in your life. ( I also wanted to say that if you are a christian,you should always pray before studying.)

I also cleared my learning desk. I came to the conclusion that having a neat and organized desk aids greatly in improving your urge to study, hence, I made sure to keep my “work station” in apple-pie order.

Thirdly, I used all learning styles I knew of while reviewing my notes. I discerned that it was better to use both the visual learning style as well as the auditory leaning style. Watching YouTube videos, reading well organized and colour coded notes as well as recording voice memos of subject topics has really helped me in my new study routine.

So, I would love to end this post by letting you know that when you fail to plan, you have most likely set yourself up failure. Anytime studying does not go as planned, just remember that the expert was once a beginner.


I love to read, write poetry, daydream, push myself, explore new concepts and give my opinions on global issues.

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