Leadership and Age in Africa


I’m baack! It has been a while since I have posted on my blog and I do apologize about that.

For a while, the issue of old leaders holding power in African countries has long been an issue that brings about heated debate. Does age really matter when governing a country? Is it a question of age or influence?

I am a member of my school’s Pan-African club and I really love the discussions that we have regarding Africa’s development and growth as a continent. On the 22nd of September, we had a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of Leadership and Age in Africa.

Some of the questions that we debated and talked about were whether the age of a leader(s) does indeed play a role in the development of a country. We also talked about whether experience is necessary for governing a country.

Some members of the club argued that leadership has nothing to do with age but rather influence. Some members also asserted that having old leaders in positions of power was nothing to fuss about because they have more experience.

These musing were quite intriguing to me and I must admit that I do agree with those thoughts to some extent. I argued that all in all, the people choose the leaders so maybe, the fact that many African countries have aged leaders is due to the fact that the people chose them. Perhaps, the leaders are not to blame for Africa’s sluggish development rather the people.

The fuss over the age of African leaders is simply because the development of our continent is moving at an exasperating and slow pace and the blame and responsibility rests heavily on the shoulders of our leaders.

One statement made was the fact that older leaders were trying to use solutions of the past to solve problems in the present times we live in and there is so much truth in that. With that statement being said, most members of the club contended that younger leaders had fresh, innovative ideas with which they were going to use to solve the problems all African nations face and as such should be given the chance.

The discussion was enlivening for me and I spent the rest of my peaceful Sunday afternoon enjoying the solace and pondering lightly on the highlights of our discussion.

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I love to read, write poetry, daydream, push myself, explore new concepts and give my opinions on global issues.

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