What a time to be alive…

500 million amazing wildlife species killed by Australian bush fires… Check

World War 3 scares… Check

Plane crashes… Check

Impeachment trial… Check

Covid-19, Stock Market Crash, 2020 Olympics cancelled, Sporting events cancelled, Unemployment spikes, Shooting sprees, Cyclones, violent protests, instances of racism, George Floyd’s murder, more than 370,000 people dead, cases of the deadly Ebola virus springing up, earthquakes in multiple countries… and the list goes on and on. All these events have occurred within a seemingly long space of five months. Five horribly depressing, dreary, nerve-wrecking, gloomy months.

It’s not that these things don’t happen or have never happened. I feel as though everyone is anxious and bothered simply because all these things are happening within a short time frame without any breathing space.

Every article I have read since 1st January, 2020 has left a hint of sourness in my mouth or has filled me to the brim with anxiety. I still check the news, scrolling through the articles quickly hoping to avoid seeing another devastating bit of news.

Despite the gloomy start of this year, I still maintain the fact that this era is the best time to be alive. Just think about it. We have SpaceX, Apple, Samsung and Huawei giving us the best technology has to offer. We see AI robots doing jobs that were previously dangerous for humans to do (though they are “stealing” people’s jobs) and we’ve seen medicine and technology merge in incredible ways, breaking and superseding the understanding and myopic human views on limits. Its,… Its… AMAZING!

No one can convince me that the ‘good ole days’ were … The good old days. Imagine dying from infections and diseases simply because it wasn’t easy to be diagnosed. Imagine a world with no pain medication, no anesthesia, no phones, no WiFi, no electricity, no gas, no industrialization. Simply thinking about it is maddening.

So some people might argue that climate change, extinction of rare and invaluable species, cyber fraud, increased crime and new diseases are as a result of all these changes in our advanced, dynamic world. I must admit that those are very valid points but unfortunately, they cannot hold a candle to the points supporting the new era that we are living in.

There is no doubt that technology has done more good than bad and we need to focus on that aspect as often as possible.

By: Maameee



I love to read, write poetry, daydream, push myself, explore new concepts and give my opinions on global issues.

5 thoughts on “What a time to be alive…

  1. Interesting perspective. True though, one can focus on the negative that’s happening around them or choose to acknowledge it and pay attention to the little progress despite the pandemic..

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