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Hey Everyone!

I have been nominated by @herninjarella ( for the Liebster award and I am so grateful! She is a “word bender” who writes amazing articles. She started WordPress roughly a month ago and is already a pro.


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  1. When and why did you start blogging? I began blogging a year ago but I didn’t intensify my efforts until June this year.
  2. Whom do you like the most in this world? Frankly speaking, I cannot choose one person.
  3. How do you motivate yourself during tough times? I pray and then I eat because food always makes me feel better.
  4. What is your favourite colour? Blue
  5. What is your first ambition? To go to heaven.
  6. Name any three friends in your life? I honestly cannot choose.
  7. What is your hobby? I love reading novels, articles and anything interesting; I love to watch Ted-Ed videos and I love researching as well.
  8. Which is your favorite quote? “Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be you.” –Kanye West.
  9. Describe you in a word. Considerate.
  10. Which is your favourite movie? Like Stars on Earth.

My nominees;

You can all answer the same questions!

Have an amazing day!

-Maameeee 28/07/20

7 thoughts from me to you!

I think about a LOT OF THINGS. In fact, thinking is an everyday indulgence of mine. I think about what the future will look like; not only for myself, but for family and the world around me. I think about food as well just because, … food is good:).

I tend to have fleeting thoughts quite often. I ask myself questions that I already know the answers to and sometimes, I ask myself questions which I know can never be answered. Not in this time. Not ever. So, here are seven fleeting thoughts from me, to you!

If a meteorite with the potential to end all life forms or cause immense damage to our planet was to hurtle towards the earth, what would people really do? Would they do things they have always wanted to do but never really bothered to pursue? Get euthanized? Pray like never before? Go underground in bunkers made of titanium? A selective few shipped to Mars?

Has anyone ever read a book which left them in awe for days on end? Absolute awe? Because, that’s how I felt when I read “The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas”, “Purple Hibiscus”, “Angels and Demons”, and many other spellbinding books. Sometimes, I have to go back and read those books again and again because I absolutely loved, loved, loved them!

Have you ever wondered where birds go when it rains (I’m talking about torrential rain)? I mean, the first answer I can think of to address this question is that they seek shelter under hollow logs and sheds but can all the free-roaming birds in this world find shelter?

Whenever you try to remember something (a thought, an experience, a moment), do you envision your mind as a compartmentalized room with shelves holding boxes containing your thoughts and memories?

So, if poison expires, does it become ineffective or it becomes deadlier than it was?

What would happen if someone were to loose their helmet in space? That is going to instantly kill the person. Or….? I think that is one fear that I have whenever I think of astronauts in space. I really hope that never happens because it would be one of the most horrific deaths ever.

Where did all of the sand in the Sahara and other deserts come from? Was it there from the genesis of the Earth’s creation (or formation)? Is the original dirt or soil that covered that area of land still there? Where did it come from?

Well, I hope that you found this blog post to be amusing and intriguing. I’ll be back with more!

By: Maameee



“I tend to crack my knuckles when speaking to people I have just met.”

“She has a funny way of smacking her lips together when she is livid.”

“I used to smell library books as soon as I opened them.”

Have you ever wondered if there is a name for that peculiarity or mannerism about someone or yourself? Well, if the answer is “yes”, then its called an idiosyncrasy!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an idiosyncrasy is “a peculiarity of constitution or temperament an individualizing characteristic or quality”.

Idiosyncrasies are a tiny fraction of the huge slice of pie called life that make us unique and we should embrace them. No one is “normal” or “regular” in the eyes of “society” and I think that no one should strive to be normal or regular in life.

I am not a Kanye West fan but he has a quote which flitters into my mind every now and then. He said, “Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarterSomeone will always be younger. But they will never be you.” It just makes you come to the realization that you are really, truly, undeniably unique in every single way. The world does not need uniformity, especially with character and personality with regard to its inhabitants. What the world needs and has thrived on for years is the individualizing quality of the human beings that inhabit it.

So, if you have that little peculiarity that makes people see you as eccentric or weird or unusual, remember that your idiosyncrasies make you you and the world is in need of that burst of flavor that you have.

By: Maameee

What a time to be alive…

500 million amazing wildlife species killed by Australian bush fires… Check

World War 3 scares… Check

Plane crashes… Check

Impeachment trial… Check

Covid-19, Stock Market Crash, 2020 Olympics cancelled, Sporting events cancelled, Unemployment spikes, Shooting sprees, Cyclones, violent protests, instances of racism, George Floyd’s murder, more than 370,000 people dead, cases of the deadly Ebola virus springing up, earthquakes in multiple countries… and the list goes on and on. All these events have occurred within a seemingly long space of five months. Five horribly depressing, dreary, nerve-wrecking, gloomy months.

It’s not that these things don’t happen or have never happened. I feel as though everyone is anxious and bothered simply because all these things are happening within a short time frame without any breathing space.

Every article I have read since 1st January, 2020 has left a hint of sourness in my mouth or has filled me to the brim with anxiety. I still check the news, scrolling through the articles quickly hoping to avoid seeing another devastating bit of news.

Despite the gloomy start of this year, I still maintain the fact that this era is the best time to be alive. Just think about it. We have SpaceX, Apple, Samsung and Huawei giving us the best technology has to offer. We see AI robots doing jobs that were previously dangerous for humans to do (though they are “stealing” people’s jobs) and we’ve seen medicine and technology merge in incredible ways, breaking and superseding the understanding and myopic human views on limits. Its,… Its… AMAZING!

No one can convince me that the ‘good ole days’ were … The good old days. Imagine dying from infections and diseases simply because it wasn’t easy to be diagnosed. Imagine a world with no pain medication, no anesthesia, no phones, no WiFi, no electricity, no gas, no industrialization. Simply thinking about it is maddening.

So some people might argue that climate change, extinction of rare and invaluable species, cyber fraud, increased crime and new diseases are as a result of all these changes in our advanced, dynamic world. I must admit that those are very valid points but unfortunately, they cannot hold a candle to the points supporting the new era that we are living in.

There is no doubt that technology has done more good than bad and we need to focus on that aspect as often as possible.

By: Maameee


Leadership and Age in Africa


I’m baack! It has been a while since I have posted on my blog and I do apologize about that.

For a while, the issue of old leaders holding power in African countries has long been an issue that brings about heated debate. Does age really matter when governing a country? Is it a question of age or influence?

I am a member of my school’s Pan-African club and I really love the discussions that we have regarding Africa’s development and growth as a continent. On the 22nd of September, we had a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of Leadership and Age in Africa.

Some of the questions that we debated and talked about were whether the age of a leader(s) does indeed play a role in the development of a country. We also talked about whether experience is necessary for governing a country.

Some members of the club argued that leadership has nothing to do with age but rather influence. Some members also asserted that having old leaders in positions of power was nothing to fuss about because they have more experience.

These musing were quite intriguing to me and I must admit that I do agree with those thoughts to some extent. I argued that all in all, the people choose the leaders so maybe, the fact that many African countries have aged leaders is due to the fact that the people chose them. Perhaps, the leaders are not to blame for Africa’s sluggish development rather the people.

The fuss over the age of African leaders is simply because the development of our continent is moving at an exasperating and slow pace and the blame and responsibility rests heavily on the shoulders of our leaders.

One statement made was the fact that older leaders were trying to use solutions of the past to solve problems in the present times we live in and there is so much truth in that. With that statement being said, most members of the club contended that younger leaders had fresh, innovative ideas with which they were going to use to solve the problems all African nations face and as such should be given the chance.

The discussion was enlivening for me and I spent the rest of my peaceful Sunday afternoon enjoying the solace and pondering lightly on the highlights of our discussion.

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